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Dear New Members of DMC Chapter 38, 

My name is Lynn Hill and I am honoured to be the "Director of New Members" for Chapter 38.  This exciting position enables me to welcome you to our chapter and keep you informed on DMC events, and upcoming meetings.

I became a member of Chpater 38 in 1998.  I teach recreational and competitive students and I am not a studio owner.  My reason for joining DMC Chapter 38 is simply this: DMC is a respected organization that stands for education.

As a dance teacher, it is nice to belong to an organization that offers education for all members including teacher workshops that focus on current issues and inspirational teaching methods.

As members, we need to work together to maintain a solid chapter.  Personal input from all members is welcome and respected.  Our voices do matter to maintain the strength of our chapter.

I look forward to meeting you and hope to work with you on achieving your goals and expectations.



Lynn Hill, Membership Director:
(705) 349-8842



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